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  Manages your auctions - and eliminates up to NINETY percent of the manual activities you are currently doing.
  Completely ELIMINATE any time spent on deadbeat bidders!
  Let TotalAuctionManagement chase down your winners - WITHOUT effort from you! AUTOMATICALLY (and under YOUR control) file Non-Paying Bidder and Final Value Fee Request forms!
  Our customers are enjoying remarkable savings of time and money allowing them to run MANY more auctions without additional effort!
Nothing remotely as powerful as TAM exists anywhere on the web!
   TAM supports MAKE ME AN OFFER - a revolutionary new feature that allows NON-bidders to make offers on your auction sales - even AFTER the auction is over! Click HELP in the Pricing box under New Auction to learn more!
  TAM implements SECOND CHANCE - allowing non-widding bidders to receive offers to buy additional items at their high bid!
  TAM supports PAYPAL CREDIT FINANCING! Offer YOUR winners financing via PayPal (you HAVE to accept paypal of course!)
  View your Credit Card clearance, Paypal, Launch Reports, TAM Invoices & UPS Logs - TAM now RETAINS these files for later viewing!
  YourPay, LinkPay & Payment Resources Intl Gateways added
  BATCH Upload your auctions - 1 or 1000 at once!
  BORDER highlighting feature now supported. (costs $3)
  EVERY report can be downloaded - and NOW what fields you wish to have included in the download file can be customized
  TAM introduces STORELINK - AUTOMATICALLY link your auctions with SIMILAR auctions WITHIN YOUR STORE! Save $$$ on listing fees!
  TAM can print Laser and Thermal UPS labels - DIRECTLY from within TAM! (you need to have a account, and there is a setup charge for generating the necessary certification files. TAM lets you generate these files in about 60 seconds!) NO MORE WORLDSHIP!
  Want to see an explanation of some of the features? take a tour HERE
If you wish to play around with the software, just click to login and check the GUEST box!
TAM keeps semi-live data for you to play with, print invoices, shipping labels etc etc!
  TAM handles launching and relisting into categories (like Land) that REQUIRE item specifics! - and Store Launches are fully supported as well!
  TAM lets you use the NEW eBay Features - 1-day auctions & SUBTITLES!
($0.50 extra, text appears directly under your title listing!!)
  We have been Certified as an Ebay Developer - meaning that we are using the Ebay API to allow TAM to do MUCH MORE and do it BETTER!
  TAM can now launch to EbayMotors and EbayUK, and the ALL other eBay Sites! We launch auctions in the appropriate currency for that site!
  TAM now allows immediate REVISING or KILLING of a running auction without having to go to eBay!
We provide the image hosting, and counters, all AUTOMATICALLY



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